10 Most Preferred University Courses in 2023

10 Most Preferred University Courses in 2023


The process of University admission for 2023 began with the applications from the 2022 KCSE Candidates at the Secondary Schools. The Kenya Universities and colleges central placement service (KUCCPS) will open its portal again, inviting applicants to select their preferred courses. Application in Kenya is done in two phases; the first revision and lastly the second revision.

The revision exercise allows applicants to change their course choices if need be. Those not allocated courses can take the opportunity to select other courses or change the ones previously selected.

KUCCPS University Application Process

The Kenyan education system mainly warrants qualification into university based on students’ merit. This is evaluated by their performance in the national examinations. Every course offered has a minimum average of cluster points necessary for admittance. The process may be limiting, but at the same time guarantees admission for most candidates in the country.

The number of candidates who met the minimum qualification for entry into universities in 2019 is higher than that in 2018. Over 125,448 students met the entry grade last year. It may be challenging to secure placement for all these students; more so those seeking to apply for competitive courses are likely to be left out, despite meeting the set requirements.

Most people hold beliefs about the best courses to pursue on campus. An individual undertaking a popular course is revered and on some occasions, it warrants respect. For instance, a student taking law is held in high esteem compared to one pursuing arts.
This view narrows options for students and they are likely to settle for highly competitive courses.

10 Most Preferred University Courses in 2020 According to KUCCPS

Without further ado, let’s outline some of the most sought-after courses in Kenya.

1. Bachelor in Medicine

Bachelors in Medicine CourseBachelors in Medicine Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

Many Kenyan students dream of becoming medical doctors by pursuing medicine. It is considered a privilege to be able to study the course. Despite coming with a nearly-impossible entry requirement, difficult content, and an extremely demanding profession after completion; it still attracts many applicants. Students with the ability and dedication to withstand these conditions are guaranteed good salaries, transferable skills, and status.

These are among the reasons for its popularity and why students prefer it over other courses. In fact, there are those who forgo other degree courses to pursue a diploma in medicine.

2. Bachelor in Education

Bachelors in Education Course.Bachelors in Education Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

Teaching is a noble career. Educators play a significant role in our communities. By facilitating educative material to students, they are able to impact the next generation. Influencing the community at the lower levels may just be the main drive for candidates to take up this course. Also, education provides steady career growth, and direct employment for graduates in Kenya, and hence attracts a lot of applicants.

3. Engineering courses

Engineering coursesEngineering courses. (Photo/Courtesy)

This course lures applicants mainly because of its applicability to the modern world. Most engineering professions are oversubscribed, and as such, individuals in this profession have a wider job market and good pay. The course provides a learning space for innovation and invention. If you have the need to change things around you, this might be the course for you.

4. Law

Course in LawCourse in Law. (Photo/Courtesy)

Students who want to study law are very passionate about making a difference. Graduates are able to use their skills to protect the rights of marginalized groups and are able to bring change in society. The range of skills acquired ensures that law students are highly sought after by organizations. It is for this reason students are motivated to take up law studies.

5. Architecture

Architecture CourseArchitecture Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

If you are a technical person, who enjoys mathematics, mechanics, physics, and city planning this might be the course for you. Architecture combines all these disciplines into one. The course is highly practical and one of the most sought-after courses in the country. One of the benefits of studying the course is exposure to man-made wonders. Students are intrigued by the opportunities associated with the course; which influences their final decision.

6. Economics

Economics CourseEconomics Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

Economics is one of the core courses in universities. It generally provides an understanding of how the world works. It is commonly referred to as the queen of social sciences. It is broad in scope as it provides an explanation of how people, government, and businesses work. The course is applicable in very many professions and individuals who study it have an advantage in the job market.

7. Pharmacy


8. Commerce


9. Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying Course

Not only does it promote individual autonomy, but it also provides diversity and a wide range of skills and knowledge: that is a result of the intellectually challenging work environment. For most students, this is the ideal course that guarantees a better life in the future.

10. Arts

Arts Course. Arts Course. (Photo/Courtesy)

Taking arts at the university level may not be deemed as promising as other courses. However, studying arts may just be as rewarding as other popular courses. Learning arts equips individuals with cognitive abilities and forms intelligence easily transferrable in other disciplines. It is through arts that one can discover new talents and interests that will shape their career, hence its popularity in the country.

Pursuing one’s desired course in the most elite institutions may be an understated experience for most students. For them, this is a step closer to achieving their dreams and aspirations. It is prudent to take into account all factors before choosing; so as to avoid last-minute changes or even an unsatisfying career.


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